Our Story

Once it was realized that the wool produced by her own animals and most of the sheep in Canada wasn't made into textiles, Jennifer began to find a use for the  wool that she, and other farmers were not able to use.
Jennifer feeding Neville Lambbottom, now our outreach sheep

Although having a formal education in the arts, prior to farming Jennifer worked in the web and graphic design and development industry. Outside of formal education Jennifer pursued agricultural and business education as well as permaculture and naturalist training. Since her early days of homesteading on an acre with two sheep just outside of Guelph, Jennifer has been seeking a way to use waste wool.

In 2013 she was a founder of Upper Canada Fibreshed, leading her to more exploration and advocation for the use of waste wool. In 2014 she taught the first multi-month permaculture design courses in Canada and started one of the early sheep dairies in Ontario. Balancing the inputs and outputs of a systems, especially farm systems has been a driving force behind creating a diversified farm with little waste.

Jennifer sought out wool innovation across the globe. Her desire to use the waste wool from her own farm took her down a path of processing waste wool from washing to finished products to see how it behaved at each step. She now is the head farmer at All Sorts Acres.


Tim with livestock guardian dog Delilah at the barn door

Partner Tim Fisher’s formal education was in environmental engineering with a specialization in composting. After school he worked at a large-scale composting facility. The company took-in restraint food-waste and wood chips (which at the time was considered a waste product) and made it into
compost then sold to landscapers, garden centres, and municipalities. As that company changed Tim moved to a small-scale manufacturing firm that did all ideation, design, testing, and manufacturing inhouse. This gave Tim the opportunity to learn all aspects of how things are made.

Over his working life he has worked on many cutting-edge products from solar panels, animatronics, retail displays, architectural fittings, and hydrogen fuel cells. Tim is the go-to person when someone needs information and a solution both at his on farm and at his off-farm job.

Both run All Sorts Acres Farm & Art Studio, a regenerative grass-based sheep dairy in Grey County.

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