Custom Processing

We are pleased to offer custom processing to those that are looking to add more value to their fibre. Custom processing ensures that your fibre is processed independently, going back to your farm.

Some fibres need to have wool added to ensure a properly formed pellet. Wool for this is charged at $0.50/lb  as needed. We have specific formulations that work with each type of fibre for well-formed pellets.


  • Sheep Wool: No additions are needed
  • Alpaca: Wool needs to be added for binding.
  • Dog/Cat Hair: Wool needs to be added for binding.
  • Other Natural Fibres: Please contact.


Processing Option Price per LB Minimum 
Bulk Box $5 10 lbs
Bagged, no label- 1kg  $5.50 10 lbs
Bagged w/custom label $6.50 + Label set-up fee 10 lbs


 For More Information please Contact Us.

Custom Processing Enquiry