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We are pleased to offer custom processing to those that are looking to add more value to their fibre. Custom processing ensures that your fibre is processed independently, going back to your farm.

  • SKIRTING & SORTING: Included in processing price. Having skirted material made into pellets is an option.
  • WASHING: $5/lb: Minimum of 5lb for washing. We don’t accept pre-washed fleeces unless the same brand of scouring product is used. THis can be purchased through us.
  • PICKING: $2/lb clean wt.: Minimum of 5lb for washing
  • PICKING & CARDING: $10/lb clean wt.: Carding into batts for felting. Batts measure 72” long x 16” wide
  • PICKING & CARDING & ROVING: $15/lb clean wt.: Carded and them made into a centre-pull bumps of roving for handspinning and felting.
  • BLENDING: $2+/lb clean wt.: Wool can be added to processing if needed or desired. If not supplied by customer, wool will be added, price to be determined.
  • NEEDLE FELTING BATTS: $20+/per batt.: Needle felted batts are per sheet for a single colour. Multicoloured, blending of fibres, backings and creative options to be discussed and price determined.
  • PRE-FELT BATTS: $10+/per batt.: pre-felt batts are lightly needle felted. These are most often used as a based for further felting or processing.
  • WET FELTING: $20+/per batt.: Needle felted batts are per sheet for a single colour. Multicoloured, blending of fibres, backings and creative options to be discussed and price determined.
  • PELLETIZING $5/lb: pelletizing is a minimum of 10lbs. Wool will be added to make up the minimum weight at no charge. Some fibres need to have wool added to ensure a properly formed pellet. We have specific formulations that work with each type of fibre for well-formed pellets. See more information below.


  • Sheep Wool: No additions are needed
  • Alpaca: Wool needs to be added for binding.
  • Dog/Cat Hair: Wool needs to be added for binding.
  • Other Natural Fibres: Please contact.


Processing Option Price per LB Minimum 
Bulk Box $5 10 lbs
Bagged, no label- 1kg  $5.50 10 lbs
Bagged w/custom label $6.50 + Label set-up fee

10 lbs

Custom Pellet Lab Analysis $100




FIBRE TYPE: EcoWool specializes in strong and waste fibre. These fibres are often ideal for felting, strong handspinning yarns, weaving, and other craft endeavours. We are not equipped to process fine and premium wool.
FLEECE CONTAMINATION: If fleece contains sticks, hoof trimmings, excessive burrs, moths, beetles, etc. it will be slated for pelletizing. Customer will be informed befor this is done. If customer turns down pelletizing, the fleece can be left at mill free of charge, or picked up within 30 days.
SKIRTING: Skirting is done at no cost with the option of having that fibre made into pellets for a fee. Unless otherwise specified, the skirted wool will be retained and utilized by EcoWool Canada Inc.
BLENDING OF FIBRES: some fibre will need to have wool added to them depending on end use. Before adding any additional fibre the customer will be informed.
•ORDER DROP OFF: Orders can be dropped off up to 30 days prior to processing at a pre-arranged time. Orders are stored indoors in a cool space to prevent contamination. Each incomg bag of fibre should have a pre-printed and fully filled out tag that identifies the customer.
ORDER PICK-UP: Orders must be picked up within 30 days of processing completion. If it’s not picked up a storage charge of $2/lb/week will be charged. After a total of 60 days, the order will become the property of EcoWool Canada Inc.
SHIPPING: Orders can be shipped at customer's expense. Shipping fees will be paid prior to shipping.
DEPOSIT: A deposit of 25% of the estimated cost of processing will be paid upon fibre delivery.
WEIGHT: 1 pound is 454g.

 For More Information please Contact Us.

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