Collection: EcoWool Pellets

Wool is an amazing addition to your garden, potted plants, and vegetable beds. Wool is an ‘active’ fibre; it is able to :

  • regulate moisture, helping to retain moisture in sandy soil and assist with drainage in clay soil.
  • Wool pellets gives soil microbes a food source that can increase microbial activity. 
  • Wool pellets help supress weed growth when applied thickly around plants.
  • Wool pellets are a source of slow release nitrogen that lasts longer than other mulch materials. 
  • Wool absorbs liquids, releasing them slowly into the soil.
  • Coarse wool provids significantly higher quantity of available nitrogen, phosphorus and potash for plants.
  • Wool soaks up in the soil, it fluffs up and expands, increasing soil porosity and improving the soil's ability to retain oxygen


Some interesting international studies and reports about wool, it's properties, uses, benefits, and potential that the above information was sourced from.