Collection: Fibre Processing Equipment

EcoWool is proud to be retailing high-quality fibre processing tools.

Brother Drum Carders are well designed tools for the fibre enthusiast. Ranging from the Baby Drum Carder to the Super Card, every Brother Carder will make processing fibre easier.

Brother Mini Mills are a viable option to those interested in running a fibre mill. Providing flexibility and cost-effectiveness for the owner. Offering several options from producer scale to mill scale, Brother offers machines of all sizes. The benefits of the Brother include:

As a Brother Distributor, we invite those interested in running a mill, to book an appointment to see the machinery at work.

Lojan is a borne out of a desire to share family time and continue a long history of quality and innovation. Founded by Jan Louët, 79, and Jan's daughter Loes in 2023. 

Jan sketches on a drawing board. Loes elaborates the ideas in 3D, on the computer.

Father and daughter continue tinkering in the workshop, tackling every aspect of the design proces.

From brainstorming to final touches, everything is considered:

  • How does the thread run?
  • Where is the tension?
  • How can it be smoother?
  • Can the assembly be simpler?
  • How small can we pack it?

All these steps refine and improve the spinning wheels and looms.