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COMING SOON! Weed Barrier Garden

COMING SOON! Weed Barrier Garden

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Currently only available through the EcoWool FundRazr Campaign


Made with 100% natural sheep wool, Garden Felt Weed Barrier is an ideal eco choice to replace plastic-based products.

Consisting of a wool and jute layer, it's completely biodegradable, leaving no plastic behind as it breaks down. 

The unique combination of the sheep’s wool and the jute means that our garden felt is:

  • Ideal weed barrier around plants, trees, and in containers
  • Cut to size, cut holes where needed.
  • Wool Texture deters slugs and snails
  • Absorbs rain and moisture to reduce the amount of watering needed.
  • Releases nitrogen and other essential nutrients as it breaks down slowly.

Each mat is 40 cm wide and 1.3 metres long


100% raw Ontario wool

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