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Beyond Clean - Unscented Unicorn Power Scour-Mill Prewash

Beyond Clean - Unscented Unicorn Power Scour-Mill Prewash

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Prewashing is a way to reduce the cost of processing, especially for seconds and thirds fibre. EcoWool does allow pre-washing, but only with the same product we use in the mill. Beyond Clean is the deepest and most powerful detergent in an unscented version. It is tough on your most heavily soiled laundry, but gentle enough to protect delicate fabrics.

One (1) oz will wash 2 lbs of fibre in 4 gallons of water. Beyond Clean is the most effective and environmentally friendly way to scour fleece.

Beyond Clean is great for:

  • Scouring raw wool & mohair

  • Washing cloth diapers

  • Treating tough stains (even red wine stains!)

  • Treating odors in fabrics like smelly pet beds or sweaty gym clothes

  • Deep cleaning grease, grime, and grunge better than our competitors

  • Removing lanolin from woolies in order to re-lanolize

  • Washing heavily soiled laundry

  • Cleaning carpets


Beyond Clean works well in all water temperatures, but for oily, greasy, and other very heavily soiled washing, warm to hot water is more effective. Very dirty fleece will require extra scouring agent to get clean.


100% raw Ontario wool

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