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Travel Buddy Double Treadle Spinning Wheel by Lojan

Travel Buddy Double Treadle Spinning Wheel by Lojan

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Deliver expected mid-April

A new generation of spinning wheels and looms

Meet Travel Buddy Double Treadle by Lojan

A versatile spinning wheel with a double treadle.
Spin thick, thin, or art yarn effortlessly.

Designers: Jan Louët, Loes van Aken.

Travel Buddy – incl. backpack

Travel Buddy is designed to be your ultimate travel companion. It folds up compactly, making it easy to carry in the included backpack. A buddy for spinning adventures!

Buddy has 5 ratios (1:4 to 1:18) and a orifice of 18 or 12 mm. The 12 mm orifice insert ensures that your thread does not wobble.

Included with the Buddy spinning wheel, you receive four bobbins and a stand-alone lazy kate that can hold three bobbins. With a bobbin capacity of about 200 grams, you’ll be fine with large projects.

The Buddy spinning wheel is made of solid beech and laminated beech. The construction is easy to assemble yourself.

The included backpack is truly green, made from recycled PET bottles.

The spinning wheel has Dutch tension, an aerodynamic design of the flyer, allowing you to spin with very little pull on the yarn.

Another clever feature: sliding guides with an opening through which you effortlessly insert the yarn.

Buddy is a spinning companion for your next creative endeavours.


1:4, 1:6, 1:9, 1:13, 1:18

capacity bobbins

approx. 200 grams


Ø18 mm (can be reduced to Ø12 mm with supplied insert)

orifice height

65 cm

wheel diameter

41 cm


backpack, stand-alone lazy kate and 4 bobbins


solid beech and laminated beech


natural, determine your own finish

5.5 kg (6.2 kg incl. bag)


100% raw Ontario wool

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