Help EcoWool divert more wool from landfill, burned or dumped!

Help EcoWool divert more wool from landfill, burned or dumped!

Did you know? Wool is 50% carbon!

  • Each kilogram of pellets can conserve over 500 litres of water and sequester almost 50kg of Co2eq.
  • Sheep are shorn once or twice per year for their health.
  • Canada produces over 1200 tonnes of wool annually.
  • Less than 3% of Canada’s yearly wool clip is suitable to make a sweater.
  • Raw wool has more nitrogen than cow, sheep, pig, goat, and chicken manure.
  • Wool's nitrogen is a slow release, giving long-term plant food.
  • It has a neutral PH.

Did you know? Wool absorbs over 30% of its weight in moisture

  • Wool absorbs over 30% of its weight in moisture, more than peat moss.
  • Although only 5% of the global landmass is peat, it is able to store more carbon than all other vegetation in the world.
  • Peatlands, post-harvest, can off-gas carbon for another 30-40 years.
  • If left alone, peatlands sequester 370,000,000,000 kg of C02 a year.

EcoWool is continuing to convert over 15,000 kg of waste wool into a soil amendment, but we want to do more!

No matter what, there's always going to be wool and other natural protein fibres that aren't suitable for common textiles. There are also many other areas that natural protein fibres can be used, some very different from traditional textiles!

What does the future hold? Garden Felt

Made with 100% natural sheep wool, Garden Felt Weed Barrier is an ideal eco choice to replace plastic-based products.

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