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WH-700g Case of Wool Pellets

WH-700g Case of Wool Pellets

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Case of 14 - 700 g bags


Made with 100% raw wool, these pellets will add nutrients to your soil, increase soil aeration, reduce the amount of watering, and help your plants thrive.

Providing a slow release source of fertilizer at an NPK rate of 9-0-2. A 700 g bag will cover approximately 20 square feet of garden.

*We only ship within Canada


  • Pellets can be applied directly beside your seeds when planting. Cover both wool and seeds with soil. Pellets can also be added to potting soil and garden soil as an amendment.
  • Each bag can be applied to approximately 20 square feet of garden.
  • For already potted plants, sprinkle pellets so soil is no longer visible. Can be pushed into soil or left on top.
  • Pellets will begin breaking down in the first 3 months. Nutrients will be released slowly over the following year.


100% raw Ontario wool

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